Mexican street-food adapted to French techniques and palates

Mexican by birth and French by adoption, Beatriz Gonzalez will be telling us how she diversified her cooking to go back to her origins.

The professional life experience of a Mexican chef in France. At Gastronomika, Beatriz González will explain the journey from her home town of Cozumel to Paris, where she now runs two restaurants. Two restaurants that have affected the chef's cooking in the post-lockdown period, because since she arrived in France, González had always produced French cuisine.

The chef will tell us how she began to change her cooking, how she adapted it to a takeaway format during the pandemic, and most especially how she veered off towards today's more obvious style featuring her Mexican roots. “I want to demonstrate how I convey my country's cuisine to French people, and how I have gone back to it after years of observing traditional French formats”. 




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