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Hilario Arbelaitz

Chef at Zuberoa* (Oiartzun, Spain)

After forming part of the first wave of Basque cuisine, Arbelaitz continues to pay tribute to the gastronomic culture of his region from Zuberoa.

The kitchen at Zuberoa is run by Hilario Arbelaitz, a chef with elegant and refined manners in the way that he exalts the most important Basque products, which he treats with respect but has added some powerfully evolutionary sparks to. In his 50 year-long career, Arbelaitz has won several prizes (the National Gastronomy Award 1991 or the Prize for Best Chef in the Basque Country 1993), and even received two Michelin stars (he currently has one). Zuberoa is located in the oldest house on the village of Oiartzun in Guipuzcoa (it dates from the late XIV century).

Arbelaitz began working with his mother in the kitchen and he learnt traditional Basque cuisine from her, which he has developed over time and modernized without forgetting his roots. Zuberoa is currently a Mecca for gourmets from all over the world, with dishes and products that are recreated everywhere such as mashed potatoes or cheesecake.

Hilario Arbelaitz




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