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Diego Schattenhofer

Chef at Taste 1973 (Arona-Tenerife, Spain)

Interested in reviving the ancestral culinary culture of Tenerife, Schattenhofer has collaborated with historians and anthropologists on his gastronomic research.

After almost 20 years in the Canary Islands, the Argentine chef Diego Schattenhofer has become a great connoisseur of traditional Canary Island cooking and its produce. He is currently executive chef at the restaurant Taste 1973. Schattenhofer has never stopped studying cuisine and wanting to learn from the best in the world, such as his maestro and mentor, the Catalan chef based in Argentina, Joan Coll, and Pablo Massey or Francis Mallman, also in Argentina.

Here in Spain he has been inspired by great figures like Berasategui, Francis Paniego, Juan Pablo de Felipe or Paco Pérez.Since 2007 he has formed part of the Astrochefs project, together with the engineers, Bertrand Lefort and Javier Pancorbo, and the astrophysicist Hervé Bouy, who have come together in the search for scientific solutions applied to the world of gastronomy. 

Diego Schattenhofer




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