Caterina Ceraudo

Chef at Dattilo* (Strongoli, Italy)

She finds the inspiration for her cooking in the produce from the family farm, which she remodels with the knowledge she has acquired: form and content

Born in Calabria in the 1980s, Caterina Ceraudo grew up in a farming family of wine lovers. She was going to study Oenology almost by accident but ended up opting for another aspect of the business, cooking. After training with the three-star chef Niko Romito and learning the trade in Italian and French restaurants, she decided to go back to the family restaurant, Dattilo, which then already had a Michelin star. With her brother in the wine cellar and her sister in charge of marketing, in 2013 Caterina took command of the gastronomic side of the business.

Having consolidated and maintained the Michelin star, she aims to take traditional Calabrian cooking into the XXI century backed up by the family farm and bio-dynamics, which she is inspired by. The chef was named best Italian chef by the Michelin Guide 2017.

Caterina Ceraudo




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