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Amaiur Martínez Ortuzar

Chef at Ganbara (San Sebastian, Spain)

Ganbara opened its doors in 1984. It was a venture undertaken by the couple José Martínez and Amaia Ortuzar, in conjunction with their children.

Despite having done a degree and having lived in Barcelona for 10 years, Amaiur has returned home to the kitchen of Ganbara. From there, with his mother at the helm, and with his sister Nagore, he is following in the footsteps of this traditional pintxo bar in the old part of San Sebastian. The family business is benefiting from this. With the whole family playing their part, the care for products and personal service that have made them so popular has been preserved, and new things have also been added, such as the interesting wine list that Amaiur has expanded with the same idea of respect for small producers that prevails in the kitchen.

Amaiur Martínez Ortuzar




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