French journalist Julie Andrieu takes the Pau Albornà Gastronomy Journalism Award


The presenter of “Les Carnets de Julie” takes the San Sebastian Gastronomika award for best gastronomy journalist. Her work as a journalist and gastronomy commentator has earned her the Pau Albornà Journalism Award.

On the second day of San Sebastian Gastronomika - Euskadi Basque Country, journalist Julie Andrieu, gastronomy critic and French television star, took the Pau Albornà i Torras Gastronomy Journalism award for her work all over France and part of the planet to discover the world's cookery and cultures and, to quote the previous winner, Ignacio Medina, “for talking in each programme about what we talk about nowadays in our kitchens; about produce, about producers, about respect, about sustainability and about getting back a taste for cookery".

For all these merits, the French lady was given the award by Pedro Subijana and Juan Mari Arzak - faithful viewers of “Les Carnets de Julie”. “My wife and I wouldn't miss one of them", said the man from Akelarre, whereupon she expressed her gratitude: “Thank you very much. I am very moved to be here, and to receive this award. Also because it comes from Spain, since it's always the Spaniards who give me the most warmth and affection”.

Andrieu admits that her objective in her work – “call it communication, journalism, directing, writing ..." is "to make people talk about cooking". This can be understood either at the gastronomic level or the family level, although she is more interested in the latter: “I love talking about daily cooking, family cooking, which forms the basis of our culture”.

Julie Andrieu is the ninth prizewinner - and the second woman - to receive the Gastronomika gastronomy journalism award after Ignacio Medina. The previous winners were Cristina Jolonch (2019), Anthony Bourdain (2018), Nick Lander (2017), Xavier Agulló (2016), Mitxel Ezquiaga (2015) and Pau Arenós (2014), with Óscar Caballero (2013) taking the very first award.

Julie Andrieu

After working for four years as a photographer, she discovered the passion of cookery, and rapidly turned a passion into a profession. She has published some twenty cookery books, and works with various communication bodies in written and radio media, although most of her professional career has been in television, on Cuisine TV, TF1, France 5 and France 3. Her programme “Les Carnets de Julie” is also broadcast on Spanish TV's La 2 channel.






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